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The first research on halotherapy was conducted on miners working in mines. The miners went down to the mine, to work hard. While working, they made salt aerosol.

Polish cradle of halotherapy

In 1843, a Polish doctor Feliks Boczkowski based on years of research miners as the world's first confirmed positive effects on health of climate rich in salt aerosol. Clinical studies have recently confirmed the high efficiency of halotherapy to treat asthma, allergies to pollens and many other diseases.

Most of us have no idea that there are such things as pollution particles. According to the CSO in 2009, only 732 produced by road transport 40 tons of particulate matter (over 200 tons of dust per day). Taking a statistically every second person of us have respiratory problems.

Clinical studies using salt aerosol?

Few people in Poland know that table salt we use every day at home can have a beneficial impact on our body.

Halotherapy in the gym, restaurants, resting, playing sports or watching a movie, everywhere we can take advantage of its benefits, it all depends on our imagination.

Halotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. In Hungary, very often used Halotherapy in kindergartens, where children play in a room filled with salt aerosol.

Join the global trend, stand out from the competition!

Our representatives in different countries daily receive thanks from their customers. The need to be healthy is natural for all of us. Caring for the health of our customers are fulfilling their basic need and provide the reason for which they will visit us often.

Halotherapy has wide applicability in many objects of various kinds. Enables us to offer a valuable service that distinguish us from the competition and raise the prestige of our company.

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