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  Halogenerator SALSANO DC-405

Where to apply halogenerator?
Installation Recommendations
  • Easy to read LED control panel
  • Intuitive interface and easy operation
  • Starting the session one-touch
  • The thematic programs of varying concentrations of NaCl
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • The highest degree of comminution of NaCl
  • Smoothly adjustable output
  • Calibration to any area of the room
  • Very low operating costs

The salt aerosol generator using the latest technology solutionsfor the best effect . Controlling the amount of aerosol produced is via the microprocessor.

By modulating the work we send a aerosol room cave in a continuous manner. This feature is important due to the fact that the microparticles maintain their highest activity by about 100 seconds from the moment of fragmentation.

Salt aerosol generator is an automatic device for halotherapy. With the ability to individually program each piece can be used for small, medium and large salt caves, but also in large spaces such as restaurants, fitness rooms, etc. Most dry salt aerosol is delivered to the grotto of the wall adjacent to the technical room, which gives comfort during operation and maintenance.

Activity of microparticles of salt is less than 100 seconds. Thus, a very important issue is the continuous supply of salt aerosol mist into the room.

The conditions in the salt chamber:

  • Temperature: 20-26 ° C
  • Humidity: 40% -50%
  • Antiseptic environment
  • High concentrations of negative ions
  • Silence

Halogenerator dry aerosol  generator is a versatile dry aerosol salt.  Halogenerator dry aerosol  is designed for small, medium and large chambers of salt. Salt cave equipped with halogenerator has therapeutic properties.

Halogenerator mounted on the wall of the chamber external salt at a height of 80 cm above the floor. The dry aerosol is blown into the salt chamber through a hole in the wall of dimension 10x15 cm.



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